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  1. Intel and VMware Inc. today announced a collaboration on an integrated software platform for virtualized radio access networks (RAN) to accelerate the rollout of both existing LTE and future 5G networks. More: 5G & Wireless Communications News As communications service providers (CoSPs) evolve their networks to support the rollout of future 5G networks, they are increasingly … Continued

    The post Intel and VMware Extend Virtualization to Radio Access Network for 5G appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  2. What’s New: With Gen Z’s representation in the global workforce set to pass 1 billion by 2030, organizations need to understand the demographic group’s motivations and perspectives on critical issues such as diversity and inclusion. Intel commissioned a study in the U.K. to assess Gen Z’s expectations around diversity, their experiences of bias and how these will contribute … Continued

    The post For Businesses to Succeed in 2030, Gen Z Says No One Can be Left Behind appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  3. Imagine a herd of 650 adult Asian elephants. Now imagine lifting that entire herd off the ground with one gigantic hoist. That’s the 2,600-ton capacity of one of the world’s biggest construction cranes — known to all who behold it as “Big Blue.” Intel uses the crane to place steel infrastructure for its D1X chip factory … Continued

    The post Taller than the Statue of Liberty: ‘Big Blue’ Helps Intel Expand D1X appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  4. The first release of a new global research report from Intel and Lenovo finds that technology will play an integral role in achieving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace of the future. With the power to bridge accessibility gaps, connect people who are otherwise divided, and expand the benefits of upskilling and progressive training … Continued

    The post Intel and Lenovo Research Finds Tech is Essential to Driving Global Diversity and Inclusion appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  5. Jeff Rittener Chief Government Affairs Officer General Manager of Governments, Markets and Trade By Jeff Rittener In 2001, there were 130 leading-edge semiconductor companies — many in the U.S., providing hundreds of thousands of high-tech, high-wage jobs. However, the industry has shrunk due to the soaring complexity, cost and investment required to stay on the … Continued

    The post A Critical Opportunity for US Semiconductor Competitiveness appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  6. What’s New: Today, Intel unveiled a new machine programming (MP) system – in conjunction with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The system, machine inferred code similarity (MISIM), is an automated engine designed to learn what a piece of software intends to do by studying the structure of the code … Continued

    The post Intel, MIT and Georgia Tech Deliver Improved Machine-Programming Code Similarity System appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  7. SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 27, 2020 – Today, Intel CEO Bob Swan announced changes to the company’s technology organization and executive team to accelerate product leadership and improve focus and accountability in process technology execution. Effective immediately, the Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group (TSCG) will be separated into the following teams, whose leaders will … Continued

    The post Intel Makes Changes to Technology Organization appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

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