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  1. Today, Intel published its 2019 Annual Report including CEO Bob Swan’s annual letter.

    The post Intel CEO Bob Swan’s Annual Letter appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  2. What’s New: The Intel Foundation will provide $4 million to support coronavirus relief efforts in communities where the company has significant presence. The foundation will also offer a special match opportunity for every regular full-time and part-time employee and U.S. retiree to a total of $2 million for relief efforts around major Intel sites. The Intel … Continued

    The post Intel Allocates $6 Million for Coronavirus Relief, Builds on Previous Efforts appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  3. As a student pursuing a doctorate in systems design engineering at the University of Waterloo, Alexander Wong didn’t have enough money for the hardware he needed to run his experiments in computer vision. So he invented a technique to make neural network models smaller and faster. “He was giving a presentation, and somebody said, ‘Hey, … Continued

    The post DarwinAI Makes AI Applications More Efficient and Less of a ‘Black Box’ — with Its Own AI appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  4. » Download all images (ZIP, 19 MB) In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Intel announced Monday that it will source and donate more than 1 million items of personal protective equipment – masks, gloves and other gear – to healthcare workers. More: Intel Response to COVID-19 Crisis “We will donate masks, gloves, face shields and other … Continued

    The post Intel Donates More Than 1 Million Protective Items for Healthcare Workers in Coronavirus Fight appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  5. » Download all images (ZIP, 11 MB) What’s New: Today, Intel announced the readiness of Pohoiki Springs, its latest and most powerful neuromorphic research system providing the computational capacity of 100 million neurons. The cloud-based system will be made available to members of the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC), extending their neuromorphic work to solve larger, more complex … Continued

    The post Intel Scales Neuromorphic Research System to 100 Million Neurons appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  6. Our Expert: Nabil Imam, a senior research scientist in Intel Labs’ neuromorphic computing group, works with olfactory neurophysiologists at Cornell University. “My friends at Cornell study the biological olfactory system in animals and measure the electrical activity in their brains as they smell odors,” explains Imam, who has a doctorate in neuromorphic computing. “On the basis … Continued

    The post How a Computer Chip Can Smell without a Nose appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

  7. What’s New: In a joint paper published in Nature Machine Intelligence, researchers from Intel Labs and Cornell University demonstrated the ability of Intel’s neuromorphic research chip, Loihi, to learn and recognize hazardous chemicals in the presence of significant noise and occlusion. Loihi learned each odor with just a single sample, without disrupting its memory of previously learned … Continued

    The post Computers That Smell: Intel’s Neuromorphic Chip Can Sniff Out Hazardous Chemicals appeared first on Intel Newsroom.

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